“Dreams are what makes a man alive. Destiny rests largely in our own hands, provided that we know what we want and are decided to have it”

Matteo Licata
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I wish these words were mine, but they actually are from Enzo Ferrari. A man who knew a thing or two about dreams, and definitely one that lived life on his own terms.

The way I like it.

I’ve been obsessed with cars since I can remember and started drawing them almost as soon as…

As the automobile industry goes “all-in” on battery electric vehicles, do Italy’s high-end performance car manufacturers still have a place in an electrified world?

Ferrari Testarossa
Picture by Simon Bennett on Pexels.com

“A very fast car, usually one that is an unusual or rare type.”

That’s what “supercars” are, according to the Cambridge dictionary.
However, there’s no general consensus among automobile historians about the origins of both the word and the kind of automobile it defines. …

Introduced in November 1999 for the 2000 model year, the A2 may have been the smallest car in Audi’s range, but it definitely wasn’t designed as a cheap one. Few people appreciated that, though…

Audi A2
The Audi A2 1.6 FSI (c. Wheelsage.org)

Seven thousand, five hundred and thirty-two Euros.

That’s, on average, how much money Audi lost on each A2 it sold, throughout the model’s five-year lifespan.

That figure was calculated by the Bernstein Research company in 2013, and, given the A2 was dropped after a mere five years and never replaced, it mustn’t be too far from the…

It got to a point I just couldn’t bear its sight anymore. Its sheer presence was a large, very tangible reminder of my naivety, and I wanted it gone…

Woman angry looking above
Picture from Gratisography on Pexels.com

I’m lucky enough to be able to say I got no regrets.
My life has been, and is currently playing out, pretty much the way I wanted it. It could be better, but it also could be much, much worse.

However, this doesn’t mean I haven’t taken many less-than-clever decisions…

The low-slung, mid-engined 33 chassis was an ideal platform for advanced design experiments, some of which would become true landmarks in the history of car design: here’s their story.

Matteo Licata Alfa Romeo Design
Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese, Milan (picture from the Author)

If you’ve read my article about Franco Scaglione, you know that the production of his ultimate masterpiece, the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, amounts to just 13 examples, including the two prototypes.

However, Alfa’s racing arm Autodelta built a total of 18 Stradale chassis, and the remaining five were handed to…

If you’ve been following this publication for a while, you probably know that one of my favorite Alfa Romeo models is also one of the less celebrated: the Junior Zagato. Here’s the story of these innovative little coupés…

Alfa Romeo Zagato
The 1969 Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato (c. Wheelsage.org)

By the late 1960s, Alfa Romeo had successfully established itself as a small yet profitable specialist manufacturer, the pride of Italy’s vast landscape of state-owned companies. …

It’s fair to say that 2020 isn’t likely to be a year most of us will fondly remember. Among all the precious people and things we lost that year, there was Aldo Brovarone, the Gentleman of Car Design.

Maserati A6 GCS
The 1953 Maserati A6 GCS (picture from the Author)

During his long career at Pininfarina, Brovarone styled some of the most beautiful cars of all time. Still, hardly anyone knew that outside of the company until the late 1990s, when historians and collectors discovered his outstanding contribution to the world of car design.

This is the story of the great master Aldo Brovarone.

Jovial, friendly, and always smiling, Aldo…

The Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale is widely considered among the prettiest cars ever made, and rightfully so. Its gorgeous curves have transcended time and fashion to keep fascinating enthusiasts and casual onlookers alike year after year.

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
The stunning Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale (picture from the Author)

What if I told you that the man who designed it died in relative poverty, forgotten by the rest of the world?

This is the incredible story of Franco Scaglione, one of the greatest automobile designers of all time.

Flying like a plane

Born in Florence in September of 1916, Franco Scaglione was, first…

The son of the renowned sculptor Giacomo Manzoni, Pio Manzù left an indelible mark in the history of Italian design, despite his life being tragically cut short in unclear circumstances.

Pio Manzù
Pio Manzù at work (c. Wikimedia Commons)

It’s the 26th of May, 1969.

It’s early morning on a quiet stretch of the “A4” motorway. At the wheel of a tiny Fiat 500, 30-year-old Italian designer Pio Manzoni, better known as Pio Manzù. …

Matteo Licata

I’ve been obsessed with cars for as long as I can remember, and, after working in automobile design for a decade, now I am an Automobile Historian and Writer

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